View Full Version : Need help with my free members website!

03-24-2010, 09:22 AM
Hello, I HAVE NO IDEA about coding and don't even really know if this is the right place to put this post? But it seems like people in here know what's going on so I hope someone can point me in the right direction.

I bought this little program (instant membership site creator)that instantly creates the necessary membership files and installs them on my server. Once the domain and server information is put into a form it creates the proper directories on my server and VOILA! it gives me the urls for user registration, login, lost password, sends a welcome email ect ect ect.

I know that it stores some .cgi scripts and html code.txt files in my cgi-bin folder and prompts a user login when someone accesses my webpages in the ".../members/ " folder.

The problem is, why does it make someone login EVERY TIME they go to a different page within the /members/ folder?

I currently have it setup to navigate the /members/ area like this...

/members/index.html, = First login. Then click the link to goto page 2

/members/page2.html >>> link to page 3

/members/page3.html, and so on!

Shouldn't there be like a cookie or something that keeps track of their login so they don't have to login every new page? Do I have to create one somehow?

Do I have to embed a cookie in the HTML code on the index page that remembers their login session???? Because I don't have a CLUE!

Every time they click on the link to take them to the next page, they get the login pop up window again! It's frustrating and annoying!

What does this sound like to you? and What should I do to prevent these repetitive logins!

Thanks, and if you need more info no problem, i hope I explained clearly!:confused::confused::confused:

Ps. The support from membershipease.com, creators of this program, STINKS!!! That's why I you find me here!!! Thanks again guys!