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Mar 23rd, 2010, 04:37 PM
someone reported to me that the calendar on the left side of www.goldcoastchamber.com is getting bumped over to the middle of the page when viewed on a Mac, in Firefox version

i'm having trouble reproducing this, even with the screenshot tools at Browsershots.org.

any idea how to fix? please advise. thanks!

Mar 23rd, 2010, 05:05 PM
First thing you should do is validate your code (http://validator.w3.org/check?verbose=1&uri=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.goldcoastchamber.com%2F). Itís a wonder that Firefox 3 is even displaying this as intended. After your code is valid I can have another look at it and tell you if itís still screwed up and what to do to fix it.

Mar 23rd, 2010, 05:15 PM
thanks but i've been trying to sort out all the validation errors for months now and i'm at a loss as far as how to clean up the remainder of the errors. :confused:

Mar 23rd, 2010, 06:01 PM
Good morning sixrfan,
There are some really basic errors on that site that should be pretty easy to fix. When working with the validator you should always start at the top of the list. Fixing one error will many times eliminate 4 or 5 errors further down the list because of the way errors cascade.

Each error is explained by the validator (you have Verbose Output checked?)and it's usually not too difficult to figure out what needs done to fix. You just need to read the explanation.

Your first error is a badly formed ul and the validator explains to you that you're missing li tags.
Since that is just a heading and not really a list at all, get rid of the ul above it and just use the h2.

The second error is an li with no list tags surrounding it. The validator very clearly explains that too.

Does that get you started?

Sorry I'm no direct help with your Mac display problems. I don't have a Mac to view your site on. The main page does look fine on my end with FF3.x, IE8 and IE7, I didn't look any further.

Mar 23rd, 2010, 06:09 PM
Thatís actually pretty straight forward, the validator tells you whatís wrong.

Error #:

You canít have anything as direct child of a list element (ul/ol) except list items. Therefore the h2 must be inside an li, not a direct child of the ul.
The same goes for nested lists. ul canít be direct child of another ul. That is, the nested list must be inside another list item (li) in the parent list.
You forgot to close a span element (on line 87: <span style="background-color:#286EA0;" title="calendar placeholder Ė 3/24/10 " >24</span>).

The last error is repeating because you have several tables on the page. Itís useless to try to fix your calendar display issue in Firefox if your code is invalid so thereís no point in continuing unless youíve sorted out the errors.

Mar 25th, 2010, 07:05 PM
thanks but it seems all these errors are being caused by the widgets in my left sidebar. the only code that i see that i can edit is from here in my header file:

<div id="leftside">
<?php if ( function_exists('dynamic_sidebar') ) { ?>
<?php dynamic_sidebar('Main Sidebar') ?>
<?php } else { ?>
<ul class="page">
<?php if (is_page()) { $highlight = "page_item"; } else {$highlight = "page_item current_page_item"; } ?>
<li class="<?php echo $highlight; ?>"><a href="<?php bloginfo('url'); ?>">Home</a></li>
<?php wp_list_pages('sort_column=menu_order&depth=1&title_li='); ?>
<?php } ?>

but that doesnt make clear to me how i clean up those errors that are spit out in the source code????? :confused: