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03-23-2010, 08:29 AM
:mad: so ok im making my girlfriend a web site and i have help from dreamweaver cs3 but she wants a fourm so i look around and well im flippin lost so a friend thats no help at all says do this >_> so i downloaded "mysql" , "php" and "phpbb 3.0.7" so im reading up n this and it does not help when i get and "Apache error" error message follows . . . "error trying to access httpd.conf file. you will need to manualy configure the web server" ok im not all stupid here but . . . . this is my first time doing a php anything so please a lil help ... my yahoo messanger is "ceribdis.cree" hit me up im online alot my yahoo's always online so drop me a line(here or there) if you think you can help

~MrCeribdis :thumbsup:

03-24-2010, 02:07 AM
Ummmm :S I think to help you solve your error you will need to post more information. like where are you trying to host this phpapp? Is it on a hosting service that you paid for? or on a server you have setup yourself? What OS is the server running? Like Windows or mac or linux? if it is linux what distribution are you using?

if you cant answer these above questions... give up... and start doing ALOT of reading...

or find yourself a hosting company that has an installer that will allow you to install it form the control panel.

Before i got myself my own server that i manage myself, my hosting company had a little installer in the control panel, that allowed me to just click and wait for it to install phpbb for me... :)