View Full Version : Need A Coder For Some Custom Addons

03-20-2010, 08:56 PM
I am looking someone to add some features to a customed page which pulls information from a vBulletin forum onto a custom page. On this custom page i will need the follow added.......

1.shopping cart with check box's and a download all button so they can download all check box's checked / queued with group access added to admin page so i can select who can use this function and who can't.

2. Show/hide function to hide details and to show when an icon is clicked.

3. Save member selections from check box's so the same selctions are there each time they login.

4.Fix exsisting broken check box's

5. General cleaning/fixing of exsisting code and maybe finding a better cleaner way of displaying the information.

All the work will be carried out on the custom page not the vBulletin forum although having some vBulletin knowledge maybe help, this custom page is to the best of my knowledge is made up from javascript and php and needs someone that knows there stuff.

I know from reading around for about a week that alot of these things i ask can be added by ready made scripts BUT i am not a coder as such but know it can be complexed. I have dabbled abit over this past 4/5 years and made basic adjustments (broke more than i fixed) with various ...lol

I have had 1 or 2 coders over the years and try to retain one for future work as i am always coming up with changes and ideas and help to update stuff. I give you full artistic control and trust your judgement and your experience when something may need changing/updating etc etc etc . Sadly past coders have now moved on hence i am seeking :-)

03-22-2010, 11:58 AM
peek a boo. No bites yet must change bait...lol