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03-19-2010, 11:26 AM

Im dealing with a bit of a distressing problem which is some illegal quite questionnable content featuring on the net - I have gone thru legal procedures to ask the webmasters in question to remove/change the content and they have, but my problem now is with google - though the sensitive images have been removed, they still display them in their cache

ive tried to use the removal request tool, but in cases where the webmasters have not removed the image from their server, just changed the content of the image itself, the removal request tool doesnt work and denies my request.

in some cases, the webmaster has redirected a page ive asked them to remove to another page. when you type in an image url too, you get sent to the same redirected page. google removal request tool doesnt work for me here either.

ive sought help from a couple of people who both say the webmaster needs either to make the content lead to a 404 or use meta information to tell search engines not to crawl. unfortunately i doubt any of the webmasters who have decided to change rather than remove the images in question in order to preserve the page itself will want to make their page uncrawlable or with an ugly plain 404.

so my task is to give these webmasters a nice option - eg a custom 404 page with a link to different content, or meta information not to index the content ive asked them to remove along with their page redirects theyve set up. i have NEVER done anything like that before, and am afraid i will ask the webmasters to do something so complicated that it puts them off and they wont do it.

asking them to go thru google image removal request tool themselves after is not an option - there are several images per page, and i very very much doubt anyone would want to spend time doing this, i'd do this bit after they have done the above, and also if i can i would like to take as much of the workload as poss so that webmasters have less to do and are more likely to comply.

does anyone know the simplest way for a webmaster to pretty much tell google either "hey this image has changed" or "hey dont crawl this" or "theres nothing here" (custom 404)? which one is easiest, and could i do it for them?

please help!

03-21-2010, 08:49 AM
Hello emmaburge,
Won't these cached images just go away after a few indexing cycles? I have no idea how much time that would take or how much of a hurry you're in to make the images go away. Still, it seems like just waiting it out would be easier than trying to persuade, how many?, webmasters to attempt replacing images he believes he's already removed with 404's.

03-22-2010, 12:53 PM
Hi, thanks for the reply - yeah I realise they'll go away in the end, but I've been quoted anything from a week to months until Google recaches, and the stuff online is sensitive and very upsetting.

I've mailed a couple of webmasters and asked them to go thru the process:

"For the images to be fully removed from googles image results, a webmaster needs to notify google through Webmaster Tools, following these steps.
Login to Webmaster tools.
On the Webmaster Tools home page, click the site you want.
On the Dashboard, click Site configuration in the left-hand navigation.
Click Crawler access, and then click Remove URL.
Click New removal request.
Select Cached copy of a Google search result and then click Next.
Type the URL of the page whose cache you want removed from search results, and then click Submit Removal Request. Note that the URL is case-sensitive—you will need to submit the URL using exactly the same characters and the same capitalization that the site uses. "

Using webmaster tools and also asked if they would prefer me to do this and supply the URLS - this seems to me more agreeable than making a website look broken and ugly using 404s, but these are images so there are quite a few urls.

Is there any way to just say to google hey this page needs recaching? There must be..what about changes in brand logos and stuff thatve happened on a site etc..

John Paul
06-21-2010, 06:46 AM
I don't know if I'n out of the topic but I really nee some answer. My friend told me that if I did not clear my cache my browser's performance will slow down.. Is this true?