View Full Version : Updating a date-picker drop-down list?

03-18-2010, 04:29 PM
I'd like to have a drop-down list of available dates on my web site. The date-picker would be in a form. When a customer submits the form and I receive it, I would research and confirm or renegotiate the date. The submittal will come to both my email and to the SMS text messsenger on my phone.

I know how to code a drop-down full of dates. I think I can bust through JavaScript to run down a list of available dates and create and array to populate the control. So I'm okay there (as far as I know!).

What I'm wondering about is updating the list to remove a confirmed date so another customer can't try to schedule it. I'd love it if there was an easy way to simply send a text from my phone with the confirmed date and have some script automatically update the list.

At the other end of automation, I can see having a simple text-based list of available dates that gets scanned for the initial array, and I would have to use my phone's mobile browser and the web site control panel to manually delete a confirmed date.

Is there an easy way in between these two? If someone can elighten me, I'd really appreciate it!