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03-12-2010, 08:37 PM
Hi all i could use some help getting timers to show up from cron jobs here is the out put code

<? $timer_item = $appSetting["cron_energy_stemina"]-(time()-$user["last_charge_stemina"]);if($timer_item<=0)echo " More in <span style='color:#ffd004'>".$time.-last_charge_stemina.' sec<span>';else echo " More in <span style='color:#ffd004'>".$timer_item.' sec<span>'; ?>

and here is the functions for it

//Cron Job for Stemina
function CronJobForStemina()
$appSetting = ApplicationSetting();
$time = time();
db_execute("Update user set stemina=stemina+1, last_charge_stemina=".$time." where stemina<stemina_max and (".$time."-last_charge_stemina)>=".$appSetting["cron_energy_stemina"]);

the cron is set at 5 mins i would like for it to say show more in blanK mins and blank sec

Im lost i cant figure this out thanks for help in advance