View Full Version : Help needed with the [IF IE] tag

Mar 8th, 2010, 06:20 PM
I'm working on my blog here: http://bacva.blogspot.com/ for which your user abduraooft has already been very helpful, but I've just checked it in IE 8 and the header I've just modfied has gone all wrong.

The header you see is actually two images; a black bar for the links and the main black header which I've sucessfully managed to 'merge' together using a negative margin-bottom on the header styling (the header and navbar were origianlly designed to be seperate (see my identical test blog here: http://imgpad.blogspot.com - which is fine in IE)

I know what I've done with the merging header thing is probably bad coding, but I couldn't work out any other way of achieving my goal.

How would I use the [IF IE] fix to get the BACVA blog displaying correctly in IE?

NB I have combaibilty view enabled for all sites in IE

Thanks in advance.

Sorry, I've discovered a much easier work-around. The blog is sound in both FF and IE now. My apologies. I should have given the problem a little more thought before I posted for help.