View Full Version : Perl SOAP::Lite passing POJO to Jave Server

03-01-2010, 01:39 AM
Hi All,

First post so a couple of disclaimers; I'm not a coder, I'm a scripter/UNIX Admin (hence the perl) and I've not got a great deal of experience working with Web Services or SOAP or anything (hence the problem).

I'm currently trying to write a client for a webservice and have used stubmaker to generate a .pm for the service from the WSDL - all good thus far. However, the documentation for the service states that every method I want to call needs to have a "Authentication" POJO passed to it first. i.e.

Method Signature:
String listfiles(authentication, directory, types, size)

Parameter: Authentication
Type: Authdetails
Desc: Application Authentication object
Syntax: Authentication object with user and pass fields set

The Authentication object contains just two fields: String user and String pass, along with the following methods:

String getuser(), setuser(String user), getpass() and setpass(String pass)

Can anyone give me an example of calling "listfiles" and passing the authentication object before the other strings?

Have a feeling this could just be me being baffled by Java terminology and trying to do Java objects in perl.

Any help or links etc. to sites that might help clear this up would be great.

Note: some of the nouns changed to protect the infuriatingly guilty app.