View Full Version : LDAP Search Query for Public Contacts

02-26-2010, 11:47 AM

I'm having issues finding information on how to search an LDAP server for the terms I want.

Presently I have: $result = ldap_search($conn,"dc=domain.com", "(&(cn=*))") or die ("Error in search query");

This returns all my contacts that I have stored on the server - as expected.

However, my contacts are separated into two distinct "folders" my personal contacts and my public contacts (shared with others). I want to return only those that are in the Public Contacts.

When the results are generated the DN of the Public Contacts look like this: dn is: cn=000000f0,fn=Contacts,fn=Public Folders,cn=me@domain.com,fn=ContactRoot where as the DN of the private contacts look like: dn is: cn=00000048,fn=Contacts,cn=me@domain.com,fn=ContactRoot.

My first thoughts were to use the fn=Public Contacts, search query but that returns 0 results.

Does anyone have any ideas how this might be achieved?

Many thanks in advance,