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Feb 23rd, 2010, 12:56 AM
I just got a website up and live, and all of the sudden it is causing errors. Only in IE though, it works great in every other browser. When the page is loading, everything is working great, but once it is finished loading, I notice the background image "expand to original size". It is a very large image and has fixed position with no repeat and all of that jazz.

The other thing is the text/links/form boxes work perfectly when the page is loading. Again, as soon as the page is loaded and at the same time as the background shrinking thing happening, all functionality of the text/links/form boxes stop. It almost appears to have even a font style change.

I am sure and hoping it is just one stupid line of code. Again, works great in every other browser, just IE 7 & 8. (IE 6 is worse, with background color attributes not working... arrugh)

Here is the link:
Anyone who helps with this gets a ton of thank yous and is the all time master of CSS and coding

(btw I used a serverside include for the header amongst others. The header is www.spineandsportschiro.com/header.php:thumbsup:
CSS: www.spineandsportschiro.com/style_sheet/spinestyle.css):thumbsup:
Thanks again

Feb 23rd, 2010, 04:26 AM
Aah, near fixed. The bgslieght javascript file was wrecking the page when firing. Now, to find a way to display 24bit transparent PNGs as backgrounds WITHOUT wrecking the site.

Funny, never touched the code, and the site randomly broke today. no joke


I did it. I danced around the IE6 necesary js with If includes, why don't they just make IE go well with CSS? Still dont get why it worked for about 2-3 months, never even touched the code, and all of the sudden it starts to not work. Not just on my PC as well...