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02-20-2010, 06:52 PM
Actually the question is based on the increment. But if anyone knows a better way of inserting table data into the database I'd like to hear it.

I had saved a db table into html and am now seeking the precise coding to insert into my new db table.

I modified by leaving out one field but adding another.

First I did a for loop to get all the <th> tags which have the field names by storing them in an array. Then I used the count() of that array within another for loop which has all the <td>. The array of the <th> serves as a multiple like this:

$allths = array();
for($th=0; $tdh<count($allths); $td++){

for($td=0; $td<count($alltds); $td++){
if($td %==0){ //I'm not exactly sure how the exact code is since I'm away from my computer
//I think somewhere within the if statement I have to put count($allths)


I want to add the exception of one field or column, but insert the rest in their columns. Plus I have one column placed elsewhere in the db table (does it matter if it's not specified in order?)

02-20-2010, 06:56 PM
You can start the auto increment at 55 if you wanted. But one way I would say is to check the ID and if its 54, bypass it.

Len Whistler
02-20-2010, 06:58 PM
how to skip an increment of 54 to insert in new db table

Untested, might be syntax errors

if ($td != 54) {
// mysql insert query



02-20-2010, 08:23 PM
$x = 1;
$count = count($alltds);

while ($x <= $count)
if ($x > 54) //Use this line if you want to skip the first 54 items.
if ($x != 54) //Use this line if you want to skip just the 54th item.
[sql code here]

02-21-2010, 04:46 AM
ok. I have the old db table in html format. I deleted the old db table though. I recreated with some new fields and gotten rid of one field which existed in the the old. I'm concerned over how to insert it in.

$contents_of_page = file_get_contents('saveddbtable/view_blinks1.php.htm');
preg_match_all("#<th.*>(.+)</th#Ui", $contents_of_page, $thInnerHTML);
$contents_of_page = file_get_contents('saveddbtable/view_blinks1.php.htm');

$tdInnerHTML = str_replace("></td>", ">\"\"</td>", $contents_of_page);//to fill the blank tds otherwise it doesn't show

preg_match_all("#<td.*>(.+)</td#Ui", $tdInnerHTML, $tdInnerHTML);

for($tds=0; $tds<count($tdInnerHTML[1]); $tds++){
$thInnerHTML[1][$ths] = array();

echo $thInnerHTML[1][$ths]." = ".$tdInnerHTML[1][$tds]."<br />\n";
$thInnerHTML[1][$ths][] = $tdInnerHTML[1][$tds];

Is it possible (as I'm trying) to make a sub array by taking the array of fields from the <th> tags and store up the <td> arrays of data in each field?