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02-17-2010, 05:32 PM
Are there any internet survey sites that pay actual money for each survey taken?? All the ones I have found give you "points" or something and you have to accumulate a lot of points to get anything.

I realize I may be wanting something that does not exist, but I thought I would ask.


02-17-2010, 06:32 PM
Well, I suppose the main goal for the initiator (i. e. creator) of such surveys – especially online surveys – is to eventually make money themselves with the people that fill those out. And therefore they lure people with small pretended earnings in the form of points or gifts that actually make them comsume or do something for which they eventually have to pay. So, in the end it’s only the creepy person behind the survey that earns something (and maybe this is even kind of a snowball procedure where there is some other originator to rip those off).

Or to say it in a nutshell: There is no reason to pay someone to fill out a survey as that would be a money-losing business. Refrain from participating in such and dismiss the hope of ever earning anything in this business.

02-17-2010, 07:50 PM
I really despise those scams. Promises of free laptops and iPhones.... an hour and 20 surveys later you are still following some insane carrot on a stick, only to find out you have to sign up for 3 years of sponge-of-the-month club to get anything. And all those forms you put your email address in will fill your spam folder up for years to come.

No thanks.

02-21-2010, 11:05 AM
Do not bother with these surveys as they will mainly use your identification as part of identity fraud and will just con you into thinking that you will earn money.

I was once like you wanting to do these surveys and referal sites as they looked like easy cash. I researched it and found out its easier to get a job!

Hope this helped