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02-13-2010, 04:16 AM
I am working on a webpage based upon code that I obtained from someone else. It is written in perl and located with cgi-bin. There are many files all with .pl extensions. The main program loads a config.pl which contains the format in html. I have been attempting to change the appearance by using some external CSS code. I tested the CSS in a html file with an external CSS file and image folder. To me it looks goods.

I have modified the config.pl file where the header information is held with the <link> to the CSS and formatting html code that I used in my test htiml file. The CSS and image files are located outside of cgi-bin in the root directory. My problem is that I can not get a connection to these files.

If I cut and paste the CSS code into the config.pl file and adjust the url for the image files, I can get it to work.

However, the images are degraded compared to the html test. The images are blotchy with color missing in rectangle patches.

Questions: why would the images degrade when the CSS placed in the config.pl?

and is it even possible to link to an external CSS file from within a .pl file?