View Full Version : Extended Menu (vertical) template don't work. Installation or configuration problem ?

Feb 10th, 2010, 01:00 PM
Hello !

I already install son-of-suckerfish-vertical-1.0.2.zip . and did all
this operation :

- Unzip
- I put all the files in one folder : suckerfish (/www/templates/nieruchomosc_15/suckerfish)
- I already copy/past the menu.css into my template_css.css (I copy
it on the end of the css sheet's template)
- I also change the .ini file problem : -son-of-suckerfish-horizontal.
I changed it into -son-of-suckerfish-vertical (bug!)

configuration of Extended Menu (I didn't find any tutorial for this
one so I tryed ...) :
+ Source Type : plugin
+ Menu Style : plugin
+ Menu View Plugin Name : suckerfish
+ Active Menu Class : both
+ Template Name : suckerfish/menu.html
+ Enable Menu Template : yes

BUT, That do not work, I don't even think vthat the plugin is working
on my website.
Stupid question but how will I know if the plugin work or not ?
Is there a tutorial for this vertical menu ? a capture of the
parameter window ?

shall I also copy/past the menu.html (include on the son-of-suckerfish zip.file)


class="mainlevel{CLASS_SUFFIX}" >{MENU_ITEMS}


into my index.php file (.html page of my template) ?

shall I do so same with the .ini file (delete the original template .ini one and copy/past it) ? (beneath)


Thanks a lot for your help !

Feb 10th, 2010, 01:04 PM
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