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02-09-2010, 02:09 PM
I am setting up my new website, which is my DJ site, featuring my mixes for download. Everything so far is running smoothly but I need to implement a couple of things.

I want to hide/protect the download links, hide source, disable right click etc, all the scripts I have searched so far are for files hosted on the webserver, whereas mine are hosted on mediafire pro. I know nothing is 100% secure, but if it makes it harder for some, its worth it.

I did try encrypt html, but it messed my pages up and put everything out of alignment.

Also next to each download I want a text hit count, again I have searched but either find dead links to the ones that seam suited, or the scripts have been more for tracking and stats, I just want a visual indication next to each.

As you can see on my website (http://www.djpleasure.co.uk) in the mixes section, the download links/buttons are swf.

This is my first attempt at web making so I am not totally clued up with it all. I have msql, FrontPage Extensions & SSH Access
Perl, PHP4,5, Python, Miva, Sun ASP

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated