View Full Version : How much to design a site like myartprofile

02-06-2010, 04:44 AM
This site is almost exactly what I want to make my business directory like.

Hi everyone,

I am going to create a directory for local small business in home improvement. It should be a not-too-huge directory so that I can stand out. I'm a wood floor guy. I want it to be super simple and minimalist in function. I just want a business to be able to join the site and create a profile page and one advertisement page.

I want a selection of random choices of business to be displayed in an element on the page and I want users(people who use the service to find the businesses) to be able to search for types of business (which I want to be part of the details on the profile page)

And I want to be able to edit the site and do javascript stuff. I don't know php yet. I'm self taught and trying to use my advertising budget to create something instead of just throwing money away. I'm too small to capitalize on the response to effective advertising. I stay busy with small craigslist ads and twitter leads, but eventually(2 year plan) I want to grow enough to hire some help and use adverts effectively.

Anyway, I'm wondering how much I can expect this to cost? I have the site and domain already waiting. I asked my web host, but he never got back to me with a figure. My general rule is to not ask him again.

Thanks for any answers you might be able to give. I appreciate you taking the time to read my questions.

If there is someone who want to build this for me, please send me a private message.