View Full Version : need help modifying an autoviewer pro flash gallery

01-23-2010, 05:50 PM
1) Project Details: (be as specific as possible):

I've got a flash gallery viewer that I've purchased and part of the purchase gives me permission to modify it. Unfortunately I have no idea how.
I'm using Autoviewer Pro and you can see what it looks like here http://mstevensphoto.com/pfshow08/
I'm doing a project with a nonprofit where we need the gallery to look slightly different. Basically I want the next/previous buttons moved from the middle of the image to the bottom, the caption moved from the top to the bottom and a play/pause button added.
I've put a rough sample at mstevensphoto.com/autoviewersample.jpg

I have all of the source files and directions that came with them. I'd love someone to volunteer with this, but I've got a very few bucks if that helps you become interested.

2) Payment Amount:
please provide a quote

3) Payment method/ details (Paypal, check? Timeline?):
paypal, payment upon completion and successful testing. Timeline: sooner is better.

4) Additional Info (about project or potential bidders):
I'm not looking for an alternative php or javascript solution