View Full Version : How Do I include this file please?

01-22-2010, 02:02 AM
Alright Guys

I really need your help.. I have got this php file that I have created that I wish to use for this page layout http://www.digitalresellersvault.com/contact.php

This is what I would like it to look like

This is the code for contact.php page


include_once ("header.php");

// get contact page info from database

$q = "select * from ".$prefix."site_settings";
$v = $db->get_a_line($q);

$contact_page = $v['contact'];
$contact_page = stripslashes($contact_page);

// display contact page
$returncontent = preg_replace ("/\[\[(.*?)\]\]/e", "$$1", $contact_page);
$returncontent = preg_replace("/[$]/","&#36;",$returncontent);
echo $returncontent;

include_once ("footer.php");


My first question is as follows:

How do I tell the content page to read that file.. Every time I do it using the include_once and then link to that file it displays it incorrectly..

My second question is:
I need help in moving the contents code to the contactus.php page... I explain more when I get the first question done :)