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01-15-2010, 06:49 PM
Hello All,

I am having problems with text appearing to far down my pages - you can view here (http://www.oklahomabankruptcyinformation.com) to see what I mean. I know padding should be adusted but not sure where to adjust and the problem seems to be in internet explorer. The page views fine in Firefox.:confused:

The text/code in error is:
<div class="col-2 maxheight">
<div class="list2">
<ul class="wrapper">
<li class="act"><a href="#"><span>Bankruptcy Information </span></a></li>
<li><a href="contact.htm"><span>Contact Us </span></a></li>
<li><a href="client_information_tab.htm"><span>client Resources </span></a></li>
<div class="text border">
<br><div class="wrapper padding3">
<div align="left">
<p><img src='images/stop_creditors.jpg' alt="" width="125" height="83" class="img-right" /><strong><br>
Are your bills piling up due to unexpected circumstances? Job loss, divorce, child support and auto accidents are just a few reasons people get behind. Are you tired of fighting with bill collectors, credit card companies and mortgage lenders? </strong><br>
If you are considering filing for bankruptcy or want to learn more about debt relief under the bankruptcy code you have taken the first step on the road to financial freedom. We are commited to providing Oklahoma bankruptcy information, along with the tools and resources you need to make the decision thats right for you! <br>
-Find practical <a href="Client-Resources.htm">Oklahoma bankruptcy information</a> and learn <a href="What-To-Expect-When-Filing-For-Bankruptcy.htm">what to expect </a>when filing for bankruptcy.<br>
-Learn about <a href="Chapter-7.htm">Chapter 7</a>, <a href="Chapter-11.htm">Chapter 11</a>, and <a href="Chapter-13.htm">Chapter 13 bankruptcy</a>. <br>
-Use<a href="#"> tools and resources</a> to get back on track after a bankruptcy discharge.<br>
-Speak With An Experienced <a href="contact.htm">Oklahoma Bankruptcy Attorney</a> For Free. <br />
<p><strong>GETTING STARTED</strong><br />
The hardest part of bankruptcy is making the first call and going in to see the attorney. It is normal to go<br />
through feelings of failure, feelings of despair etc. because of inability to pay bills. It may seem difficult,<br />
but a good attorney will make the process easier and less complicated.The cause of financial problems is not material. Bankruptcy is a remedy to eliminate of debt to live in the future. In many cases, the cause will be a decrease in income, job loss, medical, divorce or other circumstances beyond control. Most attorneys do not charge for the initial consultation. Most attorneys will discuss options, and the choice of filing a chapter 7 or a chapter 13. <strong>Call us for an appointment.</strong></p>

My css code is
/* CSS Document */
* {margin:0; padding:0; font-size:100%;}
body {text-align:center; background:#DADCDB url(images/page-tail.jpg) left top repeat-x;}

img {vertical-align:top;}
a img {border:0;}

table {border-collapse:collapse; border:0;}

html, input, textarea {font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size:0.75em; line-height:1.333em; color:#968A8A;}
input, select {vertical-align:middle; font-weight:normal;}

a {text-decoration:underline; color:#000099;}
a:hover {text-decoration:none;}
ul {list-style:none;}
ul li {line-height:1em;}
li a {text-decoration:none; color:#8D95A0;}

.float-l {float:left;}
.float-r {float:right;}
.clear {clear:both; font-size:0%; line-height:0%; height:0;}

.col-4 {float:left;}
#header {padding:33px 0 0;}

.nav {float:left; padding:9px 401px 42px 0;}
.nav li {float:left; border-left:1px solid #5C5D62; padding:0 7px 1px; font-size:0.833em; line-height:1em;}
.nav .extra {border:none; padding-left:43px;}
.nav li a {color:#5C5D62; text-transform:uppercase; text-decoration:underline;}
.nav li a:hover {text-decoration:none;}

.search {float:left}

.menu {float:left;}
.menu li {float:left;}

.menu li a {display:block; color:#787878; font-size:0.833em; line-height:1em; text-transform:uppercase;}
.menu li a span {display:block;}
.menu li a span span {padding:11px 19px 12px 23px;}

.menu li a:hover, .menu .act a {background:url(images/menu-tail.gif) left top repeat-x; color:#FFF;}
.menu li a:hover span, .menu .act a span {background:url(images/menu-left.gif) left top no-repeat;}
.menu li a:hover span span, .menu .act a span span {background:url(images/menu-right.gif) right top no-repeat;}

.logo {float:right;}

.slogan {background:url(images/main-img.jpg) left top no-repeat; padding:126px 75px 95px 0; text-align:right;}

.banner .col-1 {padding-right:23px;}
.banner .col-2 {padding-right:25px;}

.wrapper {width:100%; overflow:hidden;}
.img-left {float:left; margin:1px 19px 0 0;}
.img-right {float:right; margin:0 16px;}
.phone {float:right; margin-right:108px;}
cite {font-style:normal;}

#content {padding-left:1px;}
#content .col-1 {border-right:1px solid #ECEAE6;}

.col-1 .inner {padding:8px 0 0 40px !important;}
.col-1 .text {padding:24px 42px 38px 0;}

.col-2 .text {padding:26px 25px 32px 30px;}

.col-2 .col-4 {border-left:1px solid #ECEAE6;}

.col-3 .text, .col-4 .text {padding-bottom:0;}
.col-4 .text {padding-left:34px;}

.border {border-bottom:1px solid #ECEAE6;}
.title {margin-bottom:16px;}
.col-2 .title {margin-bottom:10px;}
.col-2 .title-un {margin:3px 0 12px;}

h1 a {font-size:1.1em; font-style:italic; font-weight:normal;}

h2 a {font-size:.67em; font-style:italic; font-weight:normal; color:#968A8A; }

h3 {font-size:.75em; color:#990000;}

.list1 li {border-bottom:1px solid #ECEBE6; padding:9px 0 10px 37px;}
.list1 li a {color:#908E83; font-size:1.083em;}
.list1 li a:hover {color:#53A608;}

.list1 .img1 {background:url(images/list-img1.jpg) left 4px no-repeat;}
.list1 .img2 {background:url(images/list-img2.jpg) left 4px no-repeat;}
.list1 .img3 {background:url(images/list-img3.jpg) left 4px no-repeat;}
.list1 .img4 {background:url(images/list-img4.jpg) left 4px no-repeat;}
.list1 .img5 {background:url(images/list-img5.jpg) left 4px no-repeat;}
.list1 .img6 {background:url(images/list-img6.jpg) left 4px no-repeat;}
.list1 .img7 {background:url(images/list-img7.jpg) left 4px no-repeat;}
.list1 .img8 {background:url(images/list-img8.jpg) left 4px no-repeat;}
.list1 .img9 {background:url(images/list-img9.jpg) left 4px no-repeat;}
.list1 .img10 {background:url(images/list-img10.jpg) left 4px no-repeat;}
.list1 .img11 {background:url(images/list-img11.jpg) left 4px no-repeat;}
.list1 .img12 {background:url(images/list-img12.jpg) left 4px no-repeat;}

.button {display:block; color:#FFF; text-decoration:none; font-size:0.833em; line-height:1em; float:left; text-transform:uppercase;
background:url(images/button-tail.gif) left top repeat-x;}
.button:hover {color:#000099;}
.button span {display:block; background:url(images/button-left.gif) left top no-repeat;}
.button span span {display:block; background:url(images/button-right.gif) right top no-repeat; padding:11px 16px 10px 14px;}

.list2 li {float:left;}
.list2 li a {display:block; background:#D4D3CE url(images/list2-left.jpg) left top no-repeat; font-size:0.833em; line-height:1em; text-transform:uppercase; color:#4C5053;}
.list2 li a span {display:block; background:url(images/list2-right.jpg) right top no-repeat; padding:17px 29px 15px 30px;}

.list2 li a:hover, .list2 .act a {display:block; background:#FFF url(images/list2-left-act.jpg) left top no-repeat;}
.list2 li a:hover span, .list2 .act a span {display:block; background:url(images/list2-right-act.jpg) right top no-repeat;}

.list3 li {border-bottom:1px solid #ECEBE6; padding:1px 0 13px 64px; margin-bottom:8px;}
.list3 h2 {line-height:1.333em;}
.list3 p {line-height:1.333em;}
.list3 .img1 {background:url(images/page-4-img1.gif) left 5px no-repeat;}
.list3 .img2 {background:url(images/page-4-img2.gif) left 5px no-repeat;}
.list3 .img3 {background:url(images/page-4-img3.gif) left 5px no-repeat;}
.list3 .img4 {background:url(images/page-4-img4.gif) left 5px no-repeat;}
.list3 .img5 {background:url(images/page-4-img5.gif) left 5px no-repeat;}

.link {font-size:1.167em; font-style:italic;}

.box1 {background:url(images/box-tail.jpg) left top repeat-x;}
.box1 .box-left {background:url(images/box-left.jpg) left top no-repeat; width:100%;}
.box1 .box-right {background:url(images/box-right.jpg) right top no-repeat; padding:14px 36px 13px 42px;}

.banner {background:url(images/banner-tail.jpg) left top repeat-x;}
.banner .box-left {background:url(images/banner-left.jpg) left top no-repeat; width:100%;}
.banner .box-right {background:url(images/banner-right.jpg) right top no-repeat; padding:12px 36px 25px 41px;}

.box2 {background:#FFF;}
.box2 .box-top {background:url(images/con-top.jpg) left top repeat-x;}
.box2 .box-top-left {background:url(images/con-top-left.jpg) left top no-repeat;}
.box2 .box-top-right {background:url(images/con-top-right.jpg) right top no-repeat;}
.box2 .box-bot-left {background:url(images/con-bot-left.jpg) left bottom no-repeat;}
.box2 .box-bot-right {background:url(images/con-bot-right.jpg) right bottom no-repeat; width:100%;}
.box2 .inner {padding:11px 0 0;}

#searchForm input {color:#838587; border:1px solid #000; border-bottom:1px solid #35363C; background:#121417; font-size:0.833em;
text-transform:uppercase; padding:6px 0 0 17px; margin-right:5px;}

#contactForm {padding:2px 0 0 0;}
#contactForm p {padding:0 0 5px 0; margin:0; font-size:1.083em; line-height:1em;}
#contactForm input, #contactForm textarea {font-size:1em; line-height:1em; background:#ECEBE6; border:1px solid #D4D3CE;}
#contactForm textarea {overflow:hidden;}
.buttons {padding-top:19px;}
.buttons a {float:right; margin-left:8px;}

.margin1 {margin-top:2px !important;}
.margin2 {margin-right:30px !important;}

.padding1 {padding-bottom:20px;}
.padding2 {padding-bottom:16px;}
.padding3 {padding-bottom:14px !important;}
.padding4 {padding-top:18px !important;}
.padding5 {padding-bottom:10px;}
.padding6 {padding-left:7px;}
.padding7 {padding-right:39px !important;}

#page-6 #content .col-1 {border:none;}

#footer {color:#4A4E51; text-align:center; padding:23px 0 18px;}
#footer a {border-left:1px solid #4A4E51; padding-left:7px; margin-left:7px; text-decoration:none; color:#4A4E51;}
#footer a:hover {text-decoration:underline;}

Tried adjusting padding3 but didn't work and need to fix this! Thanks for any ANY help or insight to the correct area to adjust -