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01-08-2010, 02:59 AM
I have run a website for over 10 years which runs a different way. That is the website URL links are run by a php script with the ending url.



basically I have 1 single template html file that has an empty "center page" table. There would be a $PutInBody text in this center page. The script would then import the page at the end of the "?" into the center page. The reason I had this done (This is like 10 years old); I don't know HTML and rely on MS Expression Web 3 (was frontpage 2003) WYSIWYG editior. Back then websites were run with all duplicated pages with content. Which would mean if you wanted to edit the layout you would have to edit all pages as well to reflect the change.

To prevent this and make it easier for me, that script was built so I can have 1 template page and import the pages (and not needing frames, or iframes). Approx 1 year ago a guy on a forum introduced to me the frightening truth about this script and how adding text (coding) we could (and proved) could obtain my database information, passwords, httacess content, downloading from my own server, uploading virus's, etc) all from that script. HUGE HUGE SECURITY HOLE ! ! ! !

I have been in contact with him for the passed year and he said he would help me with constructing the website (how to handle the pages) with the new website. The time has come for this and thru a bunch of emails, he's been pointing me out to various things to do.. He eventually realized (I did mention it many times to him) that I rely on a WYSIWYG editor; don't know html and just want 1 template to import pages into for ease of administrating..

He said to use a rewriting technique that tell the server that it wants however this would be a problem. Since the actual images would be a php insert for each image, that means if I went to edit the page in the editor, I could not see it and since I don't know html, i couldn't just build my graphical pages.. To solve this he introduced me to something called JOOMLA that he claims would solve all my problems.

I took a look at joomla but it appears this would be even worse! Seems you have to construct a new template over again and use joomla to store the content into a database, create and execute menu's, etc.. I see no way to just use it for template purposes.. I have my own menu image bars that I have links to other pages.

All I want to do is this.

1. use 1 html template file (with REGULAR html and images; no coding where images should import, etc) WYSIWYG friendly html being able to view images in layout with ease.
2. Have 1 part in the template where to import plain html pages into
3. Having Normal URL for the pages on the website.

I THOUGHT Joomla was the answer but seems this isn't so since it appears I need to start over, store content in database, create pages in joomla and adhere to joomla's way of handling pages, menu's, etc.


01-08-2010, 03:03 AM
Why cant you just secure your current php script?

01-08-2010, 03:06 AM
I was told the way it handles it (looking at the url after the "?") is what is the problem and can't be solved.. ? It imports anything after the "?".. How would this be fixed?


01-08-2010, 03:07 AM
Well it could be fixed quite easily, by only allowing access to certain paths. you could also only allow certain file types

01-08-2010, 03:18 AM
is there a way to do it in php so the paths don't look like that and more of just plain www.domain/url/filename ?

Can joomla do this all without having to redo the entire layout (having to use joomla's menu's, layout etc)?

01-08-2010, 03:20 AM
No Joomla can't do it like that
And you can also do that with a bit of htaccess magic yes to allow paths like youve mentioned. I could do this fairly cheaply for you. If you want me to, send me a PM for a price