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01-06-2010, 08:27 PM
Howdy! I'm getting back into design mode and testing a framework called 960 grid. It calls for the use of standardized class names to style the elements of a page. I would also like to use micro-format class names such as "author or "org". That's all well and good until I get into using javascript on particular class of elements that I may want to give the user the option to show or hide. Then I would have to add yet another class name. Is it semantically valid to use more than two class names?

Thanks in advance.

01-07-2010, 08:20 AM
Is it semantically valid to use more than two class names?Unless microformats have changed things (I'm not familiar with them), class names have no semantic meaning beyond what the author ascribes to them. For example, you could use a class name "content" and it would be as meaningful as "Hello.World" to any machine reading your document; that is, there would be no additional meaning derived from these class names.

As for a limit, there is no limit to the number of class names you can use and I can't think of any reason why there would be.