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gg sir
01-05-2010, 12:40 AM
1) Project Details: (be as specific as possible): I need a poker staking site simular to www.forum.parttimepoker.com Most of the poker staking sites use a forum base for the site. This is probably the easiest way to go about it. I already have a vbulletin forum license so it could be used for this project.

2) Payment Amount: $500+

3) Payment method/ details (Paypal, check? Timeline?): Most likly paypal, or can be discussed. (Maybe a partnership)

4) Additional Info (about project or potential bidders):

The site needs to be just like Parttimepoker. If you are not familiar with how poker staking works, this job may not be for you.

Asa right now, im just looking to see how hard/difficult this would be to make and see if their is any interest in it.

02-15-2010, 12:06 AM
If you are still looking shoot me a PM i could get this done for you for a good price.
Thanks and good luck

04-13-2010, 08:02 PM
if it's still open contact us please
our website BaumanSoft web studio (http://www.baumansoft.ru/english.php)
e-mail: info@baumansoft.ru

04-19-2010, 03:28 PM
Hello! are you still looking for help?? I'm ready to start out. I'm sure I can fulfill all your requirements. Check out samples of my works in ma sig. So, if you are interested then send me your webproject details at admin@******************** and we will discus everything!

Thank you and hope we can cooperate and have a great result together.
Best regards