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01-01-2010, 04:38 PM

I've been working for a while on the new design and content of my site. Everything on BlaherTech.org is spanking brand new and was released today.

Everything is valid, if you see otherwise, tell me. Almost everything should be semantic. It should also have a natural, whitehat, SEO format to it. Meaning I didn't do it for the search engine, but mearly for it to be accessible. I've incorperated a few technologies in to the site, such as; RSS, ATOM, Flash, Javascript, sitemaping, robots.txt and I wrote my own CMS for the site (called Placeto). One thing I also did, was I made sure that there was proper browser caching and I wrote a server side cache mod as well, so things SHOULD load pretty fast (when navigating from one page to the next or revisiting a page).

There may be a few broken links hanging around, that I'm not to concerned with. I'm also not worried about compatibility with anything lower than IE 7. However, I'm in need of getting feedback for any of the following:

How does the design look/feel?
Is the content easy to read and attracting?
If you have a text browser or you're handicapped, can you read and navigate the site easily?
If you had a different browser other than IE8, FF or Chrome, did you see anything that seemed wrong?
How is the loading time?
Any spelling/grammar mistakes?
If you decided to look for something, did you easily find it and what?
How do you like the toolbar at the bottom of the page?
Were you tempted and/or interested to click on any of the ads around the site?
Overall, what do you like and not like about the site?
Any other feedback that I could use to improve the site in any way.

Any feedback at all can help me to fix, correct or improve the site. Thank you very much.

01-03-2010, 11:16 PM
Hi there thought id just review this a little for you seeing as people are too bone idle todo it ill take a shot.

At first glance I think its very good, well written content and easy to read,
All except the headers and welcome text. I have studied typography for several years and I think they should all be left aligned as it kinda messes with the continuity and flow of the whole site and sort of puts the text slanted.
and maybe left align both

W3C Valid: XHTML 1.1 | CSS 2.1 | WAI-AAA WCAG 1.0
Section 508 Valid
BlaherTech 2004-2010 Benjamin Jay Young,
All rights reserved.

just a suggestion

It may just be in Firefox/3.5.6 of intentional but where the logo is the background dosent repeat itself, and its just white, think a repeat horitontal the same colour as the OFF buttons on the navigation would tie the header together a little better

Visualy I like it very clean, but i do think the intro flash maybe a little too much, As it pretty much says exactly the same as the Welcome header below... maybe remove that banner and have it all white with the "welcome header" then the welcome text then all the logo's under the intro on a plain white backdrop ?
also in all the other pages maybe instead of the breaker between the logo's have a hover over script on each image at say, a 78% opacity and 100% when hovered over, think that would add a little interactivity to the site

Hope some ofmy points help