View Full Version : Urgent help pls: How to make a mature content Gateway??

Dec 29th, 2009, 05:11 AM
Hi, I have advertiser adbrite, and they are pressuring me to create a mature content gateway.
Do you know how on some porn sites it has "click here if you are 18 and older to proceed" and "Click Here to exit if you are not over 18" (redtube.com has an example)
I have figured out the easiest way for me to do this is:

when a user clicks on a link to mature content, they are redirected to the mature content gateway.
the gateway will have options:
"Continue" and "Exit"
Continue will link them to the original Mature Content URL, while Exit will reffer them to the home page.
How would I do this?

Dec 29th, 2009, 06:02 AM
Sorry if I was not clear.
lets say this text below links to mature content.
somebody clicks on it, then they are forwarded to a page like this:
(this is a mature content gateway)
how would I make a script so that if they click on "enter" they would
then be forwarded to mature content, but if they click on exit they are forwarded back to google.com?

Dec 29th, 2009, 06:36 AM
i though it would be a 2 simple anchor that redirect user to any page you like to in the page?

<a href="www.google.com" name="under18" id="under18" ><img .... > </a>
<a href="youweb.com" name="mature" id="mature" ><img .... > </a>

Hope this could help..

Philip M
Dec 29th, 2009, 07:55 AM
<a href="#" onclick = "query()">Go to porn site</a>

<script type = "text/javascript">
function query() {
var c = confirm("Are you sure that you are old enough and sad enough to look at this filth?");
if (c) {window.location = "http://www.pornsite.com"}
else {window.location = "http://www.google.com"}


There are many posts on the internet which strongly advise avoiding Adbrite like the plague.

Dec 29th, 2009, 08:55 AM
thanks both of you!
also, what should I use instead of adbrite Phillip M ?