View Full Version : Resolved Checkbox problems...

12-21-2009, 05:28 AM
Alright... everything works fine. Almost.

$('#findInvoice').click(function(event) {
alert($('#'+netID+'').attr('checked')+" "+$('#'+netID).is(':checked'));
if($('#'+netID).is(':checked')==false) {
var netID = $('#netID').val();
else {}

Okay... so I things set up so I enter a value into a text input then it finds the specific table row and check box... checks the box and highlights the row. Perfect, sort of.

I want to know if the check box is checked but every method I try always returns false, or undefined. At current time if I enter the value into the box, it leaves the check box checked but un-highlights the row. I do not want it to do this. If I want it unselected, I want to click on it. Any idea why I cannot find if the check box is selected.

Edit: As usual, I find the problem after I post on here. :\