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12-17-2009, 06:40 PM

I just bought a new monitor (a Dell eIPS panel 2209WA) that should have a very good colour accuracy compared to standard TN panels. I bought it in order to be more safe when working with colour on the web. The colours are very nice and rich and feel closer to reality than on my old monitor. I have professionally printed comparison images produced for colour calibration purposes, and when comparing those to what I am seeing on screen, I say my monitor is reproducing colours very close to correct.

But now someone told me that a graphic I made came out as light blue on his computer whereas on my new monitor it was darker and a bit grey even (as I intended it).

Also, on my old monitor it comes out as light blue.

So now I don't know if my new monitor's colour settings are way off, or if my graphic is actually good according to the sRGB standard and it is the people who see a lightblue image who are victim to bad monitors or badly calibrated monitors.

I have lost my baseline when choosing colours, because I don't know how the colours appear to others.

Could I please request some assistance from the community. How do you perceive the enclosed image?


Do you see it as I intended it, being;
1) more darkblue/greyish and a bit muted, the text being a bit more greengrey than traditional blue jeans colour; or
2) does it come out as more lightblue almost "clear sky" with the text being rather saturated and almost vibrant ?

Is the overall impression more that it belongs to a grey colour scheme or to a lightblue colour scheme?

I know there is a subjective element to my question, but it can't all be subjective can it. Not to the extent that darkblue becomes lightblue...

Please let me know what you see on your monitors. It would also be interesting to know if you are using an IPS-panel monitor or a TN-panel monitor (if you don't know what type you have, then disregard this since it is 99% sure that you have a TN panel, unless you have a Macintosh of course(but then the gamma is different)).

Thanks a lot!!

12-18-2009, 12:45 AM
I'm seeing a bluish gray however the text does not look greengray to me. It looks like the same bluish gray. So I guess more toward #2.

12-29-2009, 02:03 AM
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01-01-2010, 02:42 AM
Please let me know what you see on your monitors.I know this thread is two weeks old, but since I was reading it anyway... neither description really fits the image. The background color looks like CSS "slategray": a pale grayish blue. The text appears to be a pale midnight blue.

To answer the second question: the image looks more like it would be suited for a gray-based color scheme than a light blue scheme. The overall look is really muted.

What "someone" told you isn't really surprising though. I know that my laptop monitor makes grays appear to be a really vibrant light blue. It tends to look disappointing on school monitors which instead show a dead neutral gray, but the print jobs usually come out fine. (I do graphics work on the laptop then print it on the school's desktop systems.)