View Full Version : Dojo: Validate Group of Checkboxes

12-08-2009, 06:17 PM

Iíll try to explain my dilemma. Iím new to dojo so posting code may not be very helpful just yet.

1) I have a dijit.form.FilteringSelect (dropdown) with three values.

2) There are three columns of checkboxes beneath the dropdown.

3) The column checkboxes are enabled or disabled based on the value of the dropdown.

4) The enabled checkbox column must contain at least one checked box. If a certain checkbox on the third column is checked then that column requires an addition checked box.

I have all of the above working fine, except the validation.

I would like the validation to have the same ďlook and feelĒ of other fields on the browser, for example I have a validationTextBox that uses the promptMessage and invalidMessage attributes, and the validator function.

Checkboxes do not have invalidMessage, promptMessage, or a validator.

How can I get these messages on to the screen for a group of checkboxes? Iím thinking one possibility would be to group the checkboxes into the three groups somehow and then have the invalidMessage, promptMessage, and validator at each group level, maybe with a subclass?

Thank You in Advance for Your Help,