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12-08-2009, 04:36 AM
Hello all i am working on a project. i would like to know how to remove the scroll bars , and how to align the captcha/webpage that loads in the iframe.

<title>Test Raid Page</title>
<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">
<!--Begining of Java Script-
function buildiframesA()
var rlink = prompt('Enter Raid ID:',"");
var a = document.createElement("iframe");
a.setAttribute('******', 'ifrm1');
a.setAttribute('src', "http://*****.******/joinraid.php?raidid=" + rlink + "&suid=******&serverid=2");


Anything with "************" has been removed due to privacy

i added this code in a.setAttribute("scrolling=no"); and it disables the whole script but, in dreamweaver shows it is fine, when i load to debug and click group a to load the frame nothing happens, ive tried many ways to disable the scroll bars and cant figure a way out.

There is more to the script this is just my test for the iframe, what i have is groups, all accounts are grouped in groups, when a group is clicked, i am prompt with Enter raid ID, i enter the raid ID and the frames for how ever many people in that group load, on those pages that load in the iframe is a raid page with a captcha to join the raid, the captcha shows automatically in the frame but it is not perfectly aligned as i want it to be.

I use dreamweaver and can debug in my browser, any help is appericiated, i can also post pictures as to what i am talking about.

EDIT: i also forgot to say i am new to javascript, i know html and php very well..

MrGato =D