View Full Version : Making main frame page and pages within frame resize to fit window

12-04-2009, 01:23 AM
Hi. I have a question about java script code.

I'm creating a website with frames. Within the main page frame, there are tables in the main content page.

When I created the website, it fit perfectly in the browser window of my smaller laptop. I just checked it out on my old G5 and the images/pages are too big and either cut off or scroll bars appear (which is not what I want)

So I wanted to know what code I put in my files and where to put it?

Also, what pages does it need to be in?

the main frame index page? the specific pages that fit within the frames? some are images that load in the frames? would i need to create an .html for those and then have the .jpg load so that it can be resized?

I need the main page to be resized to fit the browser as well as the pages in the frames to fit.

Can you help?