View Full Version : iframe wont display content in firefox correctly

11-30-2009, 07:18 PM
I have a site that I am working on now (bostonuniversitylax.com), but I hit a road block early on when I realized that the iframe that I use adds some sort of padding to the pages it displays. I have zeroed the margins and padding for the pages I load into the iframe, but in firefox for some reason it messes up whereas in ie it displays fine.

I hate using iframe's but it was the only way i could come up with to navigate with a flash header without reloading it every time. Any tips for getting it to work in mozilla firefox?

I also just realized that the error with the padding only occurs when I enter the url in as www.bostonuniversitylax.com as opposed to http://bostonuniversitylax.com ... now I'm really confused

12-03-2009, 09:09 AM
Using Firefox 3.5.5 here and the site looks exactly the same no matter which link I use. The site looks quite fine to me too. Maybe you should check the site with a couple other computers. Maybe I am just not seeing where exactly your problem is either, in which case maybe you could show us a screenshot or somehow explain exactly where and what the problem is. "it messes up" and "the error with the padding" are not very specific.

Personally I would strongly recommend that you not use the iframe.. especially like that, so basically your entire site is in an iframe, combined with the main header nav being flash you might as well not exist as far as search engines are concerned.

I would also recommend you ditch the flash header. Flash is nice and popular and a lot of people have it, but not everyone - and a lot of people have it but disable it with script blockers by default, and only enable it for trusted sites. You want to create a good impression when people first see your site (before they have decided whether or not to allow flash on your site) so using flash for an essential component of your site is not the best idea. It is a cool nav menu, though honestly it is a little over the top and distracting, a simple CSS nav system would be perfectly fine and not detract from your site in the least.

Best practice is to use flash only for non-essential components (unless you are building something like grooveshark, or fontstruct which are really almost more like flash apps than websites and there is almost no reason at all to be at those sites without flash enabled).

Before posting this I decided to check in IE8 and as far as I can tell there is no major difference there. On my end the site looks fine and virtually identical in both IE8 and FF, so maybe you already fixed it?

I would still recommend rethinking both the flash based navigation and the iframe though. The flash header is not worth making your entire site invisible to search engines, especially when you can do something quite comparable for the header just using pure CSS.

By the way, I have a lot of sites open in several browsers so it is hard to be certain but being that flash is disabled on most of those sites and they have all been open for awhile, I am pretty sure that it was your site's flash that gave me an actionscript error. This is bad because it opens a scary, cryptic little window which says what the errors were and gives some vague options. A lot of people won't understand that at all and may even think that your site is trying to do something evil to their computer.