View Full Version : Need Something Like Google Image Frame

11-30-2009, 05:24 AM
I'm thinking about a site with a basic home page, but then a link that generates a random page with a frame at the top as if you are looking at an image at google images.

www.Mysite.com has a link that generates a random number and adds it to the end of "www.randomsite.com/&number=".

Let's say that page is www.randomsite.com/&number=12345

On this page, I would want a frame like Google Image Frame:

But in this frame, I would basically want the title of the site and a link that says "Random" that would repeat the process, so a user could keep clicking "Random" to view another page. It should only change the number at the end of "www.randomsite.com/&number=". The quoted text should stay the same.
Would the number generator be PHP?

Is this possible? Please help.
Willing to pay some if you can code it or help me code it.

I really only know basic HTML.