View Full Version : .hr in a folder couses strange IE6 quirks mode

11-18-2009, 06:58 PM
For 2 hours now I've been wondering why does internet explorer 6 start in quirks mode, and i finally figured it out.

I had template designed and checked before i connected it to php script, and it showed properly in all browsers.

Strangely when i added it to php script, internet explorer 6 showed that famous quirks mode box model problem. What the heck, was my reaction, but after thinking and trying i figured it out.

My folder where page was executed was with '.' inside. I accessed the script with this address localhost/marjan.hr and it quirked but it didn't even show the quirk when i tried to check it with javascript code. Lol,

I renamed the folder to just 'marjan' and it showed the website properly. I tried changing from .hr to .com and it also showed website properly. All possible combinations with the dot in a folder showed website properly except when i named it like marjan.hr -> what the heck is this problem

11-19-2009, 10:45 AM
.hr is an extension for the old TRS 80 image format. As IE6 is old (and stupid) enough I guess he tries to display it somehow :)