View Full Version : Popup menu from image map

Nov 15th, 2009, 03:21 AM
I created an image map, and I want it to display a menu with links with I hover, or if needed, click on a part of the map. I'm kinda new at this stuff, and I'm not exactly sure what to use. Anyone have any suggestions?
Here's the image map:

<div id="navigation">
<img src="/images/navigation.gif" class="nav" usemap="#navigation">
<map name="navigation">
<area shape=rect coords="00,15,188,70" href="/index.html" alt="Home">
<area shape=rect coords="00,71,188,108" href="/bio.html" alt="Biography">
<area shape=rect coords="00,109,188,135" href="/career.html" alt="Goals">
<area shape=rect coords="00,136,188,190" href="/links.html" alt="Links">
<area shape=rect coords="00,191,188,233" href="/contact.html" alt="Contact Me">

Thanks in advance.