View Full Version : what platform for me?

11-05-2009, 05:52 PM
I am a total noob and need assistance in deciding on a platform for my web application.

What the application should allow:
a memebership data base

a hotel database (room status)
members can search and book a room and cancel with ease
administrative section where Hotel can manually update bookings
and view their current room availabilty (from net and telephoned in)
also I want a chat/message (live) between member and hotel for instant answers.
And a possible text message service as well.

There is no money transfer require required.

Potential numbers 1,000,000 members
Online at one time 10,000
hotel database 10,000

I am stumped at what solution is best for my application
asp.net versus php versus ruby on rails etc etc.

Another question is with this many potential users what is the server architecture is there just one server or database split over geographic locations. (dumb question?).

Finally should I sub contract out and get this built. I will be developing the web interface I have good html/css/jquery. or is their online services that can provide all the back end and administrative tools. Ideally I want to have control and not rely on a third party software.

Sorry for the rambling message and advice appreciated?

11-05-2009, 06:16 PM
PHP+MySQL is ubiquitous, and FREE, so it's a choice you really can't go wrong with.

If you outsource this, you should be open to hearing from your coding team on what would work best for them.

There are plenty of pre-built solutions, CMSs that would work fine, but they are not "easy", just maybe "easier" than starting from scratch.