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11-05-2009, 12:44 PM
Hello, I am new with php and I have a problem with listing data from array.
I have function getAllDates() where I collect all dates from my DB and
I have function getChefBar($datum, $schicht) where I get value ("bar")
for specific day that I need. These two functions are working correct.
So I tried to make another function (function getEarnedMoneyForDay ($datum))
where I want to get value that I need ("bar") for all days, but I have a very
little knowledge and I am failing to do so. When I type this getChefBar($dates[$datum]) I am getting nothing and my intention is to get
value for every day. So if please someone can tell me how to get this value form array. Thanks in advance ;)

function getAllDates(){
$selectAllDates = "SELECT s.datum, s.schicht FROM schichtumsatz s ORDER BY s.datum ASC, schicht DESC";
$dates = mysql_query($selectAllDates);
$row_dates = mysql_fetch_array($dates);


while ($row_dates) {
$result[] = $row_dates["datum"];
$row_dates = mysql_fetch_array($dates);
return $result;
function getChefBar($datum, $schicht){
$chef_data="SELECT s.datum, s.schicht, s.bargeld, s.kassiert, s.belege, s.gutschein, s.rechnung, s.sonstiges, s.umsatz
FROM schichtumsatz s
WHERE s.datum = ".$datum."
AND s.schicht = '".$schicht."'
ORDER BY s.datum ASC

$chef_query = mysql_query($chef_data);

while($row_chef = mysql_fetch_array($chef_query) ){

$eingegeben = $row_chef["bargeld"] + $row_chef["belege"] + $row_chef["gutschein"] + $row_chef["rechnung"] + $row_chef["sonstiges"];
$bar = $eingegeben - $row_chef["gutschein"] - $row_chef["rechnung"] - $row_chef["sonstiges"] - $row_chef["belege"];


return $bar;
function getEarnedMoneyForDay($datum){
$schichtA = 'A';
$dates = getAllDates();

echo $count .' ';
$partresult = getChefBar($dates[$datum],$schichtA);
$result = $result + $partresult;

return $result;