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11-03-2009, 04:03 PM
I'm currently doing a website primarily using the tab script found http://osspro.com/11/php-easy-tabs-for-your-webpages there.

My main goal of doing this is so I just use variables and includes to get the entire thing together without ever having to load multiple sites and lag-a-bunch (I imagine the first load would go rather slow... >_>)

Is it a bad idea? Or is the code not written until the tab is clicked and called upon?

Anyways the more important thing I need is

a: Bad idea & go with multiple pages? or Good idea?

b: I need a cookie or something to keep the users tabs active where they are, it keeps going back to default every time you reload the page or leave

c: Most importantly this site is I suppose one could consider it an RPG fansite ish thing (No url not done) and will have a lot of information. It will need scripts to bring information to the center of the page without leaving the page (Unless you guys tell me doing it all with tabs is a bad idea :P)

That's it for now.

Oh btw http://visvalor.limewebs.com/ is the site I'm using to test my code :P

11-03-2009, 05:36 PM
You may be interested in jQuery's UI, which has a tabs widget.


In addition to handling the behavior of the tabs, you can also use jQuery's Ajax functions which makes it very easy to load the content of each tab seamlessly without page reload.

Whether it will perform well enough for your situation can only be answered by coding it up and finding out.