View Full Version : PHP Wrapper for interacting with LabManager SOAP API

11-03-2009, 03:09 PM
I am new to vmware. I am attempting yo use a SOAP wrapper built for PHP, but I am having some issues with it. The wrapper is found at, http://code.google.com/p/phlabmanager/. There's not much to the script, but im just getting a white screen. I think it has to do with some configurationvalues it needs. I have listed them below in hows that someone has used vmware and knows what i need.

To give a little background on the project, VMware is installed on Server A. I am using phLabManager from a directory on Server B.

1. I assume the hostname is that of Server A? Something like http://147.34.xxx.xxx/ correct?

2. Is username, password that of the server, or the users vCenter login?

3. "organisation_name" and "workspace_name" are a litle confusing. When in LabManager and clicking on the Workspace link it shows my Workspace name as ITGO-TTS / Main, but i have no Organisation Name. Now if i click on VM Templates link, I now have an Organisation as ITGO-TTS, but no Workspace Name. Where do i get these values?

4. GetConfigurationByName() should this be set to either a Template Name or Workspace -> Configuration Name right?

Thanks for the help.