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Oct 31st, 2009, 06:43 AM
Hi all,

I am wanting to change the basis of my website to Flash. (I know little about Flash and dont have the programs to do so myself!)

My current website is www.citysidesports.com (http://citysidesports.com). The business is expanding to more and more venues and cities, so I need to change things a bit.

I have created a new front page in Flash using the free service at wix. NOTE: This is not currently published as my front page. I have designed this simply to show the successful bidder what it is that I am after.

You can view the new layout at: www.citysidesports.com/newindex.html (http://citysidesports.com/newindex.html)

There are currently two venues, "Clifton Hill" and "Richmond". Each venue button as displayed on the sample Flash page will link to:


However - both pages will be templates which will read the information provided via PHP pages. They will have the same links, showing just the information required of that venue.

These links are:
- Fixtures: Will show the schedule of a specific team. Is a PHP page. Ideally it would be nice to be a flash page with the PHP code embeded however knowing very little about this, I am fine with it just being an embded frame showing the .php page.

- Ladders / Results - Showing the results and standings of a specific division. Same as fixtures in regards to flash with php embeded or php frame.

- Map: Flash mini-page with google map.

- Register: People able to register their team for an upcoming season. I would like a flash form for this to then send information to database. You can see how our current registration process works by going to the current website www.citysidesports.com, click Register (select any night) - dont worry about filling anything out just keep clicking submit.

This is the extent of the current project. However the site will be expanding continuously with plans to add more venues/cities/sports, and also more areas for the umpires/referees, a specific area for individual players, and an upcoming feature of the site called "myTEAM".

So for the right person this could be an ongoing business relationship providing you with ample work!

EDIT: Please also note that I am not stuck on exactly this design, just the general concept of it. I am open to design suggestions however I do not wish to pay extensively for design suggestions... Otherwise I am happy with this design.

Look forward to hearing from the right person!

Nov 7th, 2009, 06:22 PM