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10-29-2009, 01:33 PM

I would like to add a blog RSS feed to my site.
I have found solutions on the web, such as -


which allows you to do this, it works fine, but is very limited, you can pay prenium, but still not sure how much you can do with it.

So I was wondering if anyone new/had a code that I could use instead.

The reason why is -

- I want the feed to fit in a certain area of page, not be a full page itself, or a floating widget.
- Want to be able to style it, so looks the exact same as rest of site.
- Don't want adverts from website provider.
- only want one feed to show (latest) and to be able to customize how many characters of the blog is shown (i.e 300 - so only half is shown) and then have 'read more here' link.
- Don't really want to have to subscribe to a service.
- Would like to build/have my own code so can use on other sites etc.

Any help would be brilliant.



10-29-2009, 01:40 PM
Just a note to say i have seen this thread -

Embed A Blog (Or Any RSS) Feed into an HTML Page

It was written way back in 2004 and i couldn't get it too work, or see any example of it in action . . . . . so presume there must be an evolved solution somewhere.