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10-22-2009, 02:45 PM
So basically my problem is this:
i bought a domain from a domain company : ( ex: ) mydomain.com
i uploaded my site to a server (a free hosting from another company), i did a redirect "masked" (on the config page of the domain company) so the adress from the free hosting company never shows but here's the problem when using a "masked" redir the code of the index page looks like this:

<frame src="http://thefreeHostingdomain.com/" name="redir">

<p>Original location:
<a href="http://thefreeHostingdomain.com/">thefreeHostingdomain.com/</a>

so i get these frameset, is it possible to have a "masked" redir but not have these frameset and instead have the actual code of the index page ?

10-22-2009, 06:57 PM
is this an option that needs to be set where i am hosting the files ?