View Full Version : question about onmouseout effect using css

10-21-2009, 05:52 AM
my question is if i move the mouse over an image which is a link to get any effect i can use


lets say for example i have a horizontal row which contains images and these are links, ex= home aboutus ... total of 5 links
just above this horizontal row lets say i have the same set of 5 images which by default are hidden using display: none;
<img src="homehidden.jpg" id="home"> <img src="abouthidden.jpg" id="about"> ...

display: none;

display: none;

only when i mouse over any of the links which are visible by default, i would like to show 1 image relavant to the link ex=home which is above all the 5 visible images so should my css code be

#home.visibility: visible;
which would show the invisible image on mouse over for home, aboutus etc...

please advice if my code is correct.