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10-15-2009, 04:04 PM
Hi All,

Searched most of the morning but didn't quite find the answer I was looking for. Although I have been programming in different languages for some time I am a complete newB with PHP.

But that didn't stop me from trying to write a chat program at my job for some friends and myself, and now my boss is interested, too...

The issues, questions, problem(s) are, or rather started, when I uploaded the chat program to a remote (non-local Apache Environment/Server).

Question: The chat server is written in PHP. What would be best pratices in regards to starting-stopping, it?

Problem: Right now just starting it would be great; I try using the url(?) to the file(?) to launch it but it's not working.

Same code runs fine using xampp (triple if not more, checked, the IP address changes).