View Full Version : Parsing XML with PHP question

10-11-2009, 08:16 AM
I'm really new to parsing XML so forgive me if my terminology is a bit off.

I have a script that was written by some else and I have been working on updating it's abilities to display the outputs. Basically what this script does is parses an xml page, gathers the info and outputs it in a .png image.

I have run into a problem when parsing a line from the xml page that contains line breaks and a link with some other info.

The line in the xml I want to show looks like this:

<stateMessage> In-Game<br />Day of Defeat: Source - <a href="steam://connect/">Join</a> </stateMessage>

the line in the php code that controls the output looks like this:

imagettftext($image, $state['fontsize'], 0, $state['x'], $state['y'], $colors['state'], $fontpath.$state['font'], "". strip_tags($steam['msg']));

the ['msg'] is the <stateMessage> and if I remove the strip_tags() the the whole text line shows with the line breaks and link code.

What ends up happening is the output looks like this with everything all smashed together:

In-GameDay of Defeat: Source - Join

What I would like to do is have a space in between the In-Game and the Name of the game and remove the - Join

I know this can be done because I have seen similar php code do it but I can not figure out what I need to change or add to make mine work this way.

Not sure if this is enough info to even get an answer but any help would be greatly appreciated.