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10-11-2009, 12:35 AM

Before i start, yeah i only have 1 post at the moment. I need help with my PHP script i typed: *Coding Forums* in google and found this community.

Ok i wrote a simple site in php only no design and i implemented LFI in it, index.php?x=register like that.

It runs fine no errors but it does not include the page,it does exist i just get a blank page, try index.php?x=login_form u will see a blank page. i attached the files below,much easier than posting each php file here in tags.

Could somebody point me to the thing that is wrong and explain it.

I'm a beginner in php, well actualy, not really a beginner i can for example write an script to insert/select data from an ODBC database in 5 mins. Let's just say i know the basic stuff, i still got alot to learn so here i am!

If anyone can fix up my site and comment the source it would be really awesome, so i can learn from my mistake(s). Download is at the bottom.

Demo: http://binaryx.nl/XProject/
Contact: binaryx@live.nl (Email/MSN) Send me a pm here before adding, i won't accept otherwise.


Download!! (http://binaryx.nl/downloads/?file=XProject.rar)<-
Password(For the RAR):

10-11-2009, 03:35 AM
don't ask us to fix your site! you can pay someone to do that.

here you can ask for help in your coding so if you have a problem just post here as clearly as you can write without files and passwords and do my homework.

post a new proper thread, explain what your problem is and add to it the specific code.
that simple, thank you.