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10-10-2009, 01:33 AM

Been searcing for ages and can't seem to find the type of images that would fit my design or, when I can, I can't find them all in one 'matching' set.

I need images for the following purposes and they are to be put on a white background. The main header colour of the site is #2a2e66 (the background) and the only other main colour is #ff0000 though this is a star in the logo about 75px square. (small but significant/noticeable/distinctive).

Any colours you choose to use must work with those two. images must be more cartoon-like than photographic and preference will be given to those who can make them appear almost funny or at least amusing.

subjects to which the images must relate are for my cms:

web page editor
seo editor (editing meta data)
reservations diary
bookings set up
mailing list/info broadcaster
account details editor

There is no explanatory text required in the graphic as this will be done in the xhtml and styled in the css.

images need to be of same size; around 60x40 px.

I have no idea what the rate should be and I wouldn't wish to undervalue the work involved :)

10 images in total.

This is for a new launch cms which will have exposure to the web design industry. Therefore, a lesser quote will be rewarded with a link to your portfolio or site conditional on it being (web), design related content. 125000 viewers in past 6 months and only 5 small sites, live.

feel free to post questions.


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10-11-2009, 06:42 AM
Hi Bazz,
We are interested to take this up, please have a look at our portfolios at http://liveperson.in/ .