View Full Version : jQuery - having troubles finding examples / demos

10-07-2009, 05:24 PM
I'm creating a new CMS, and I'd like to use Sortable in conjunction with Draggable and Resizable, but can't seem to find any examples on the web.

I've done some google searches, and found a few examples of using Draggable with Resizeable, but I really would like to use something that, when moved, updates the layout of the page.

Here's the concept I'm going for...

Basically, a user creates a "module" on the page and places that module in a container. From there, the user can add unlimited additional modules into the container, or into another module. There is a drag icon to move the module around on the page, and a resize icon to resize the module.

The problem I seem to be running into is Sortable wants to use floated divs, and Draggable wants to use positioned (absolute or relative) divs.

Any pointers or examples would be much appreciated.