View Full Version : what would be the best language to program the follow

09-22-2009, 11:24 PM
I'm making a website and i'm curious what would be the best language to develop it in?

here below is what i'll be doing and some of the requirements.

So basically I'm looking to make an auction site, I need to find the best way to code this and then go about learning the code and coding it

Basic Requirements of basic site functionality:

A buyer database where i will store information on users and how many bid credits they have purchased.
A seller database using a seperate login who have been confirmed via email and a verified google or paypal account.
An Item database that will store all the items and current bid ammount and time left that counts down and updates constantly

all of that can be done with mysql so no need to answer that part however the next part will be the tougher part.

i'm not sure if this would be Server Side scripting or client side but i need to get the auction clock to count down from 24 hours and in the last minuet if a bid is placed the clock will increase 10 seconds until 3 additional hours have been reached on the auction then end.

I will also need to build a search function built into the site to find items or like items from the database

Some sort of script that inserts the item into the databse then displays it under the new listing section i imagine php would be easiest on this but i'm not sure.

I know i'm asking for alot but a step in any direction would help at this point.

thanks in advance for helping me out, and wish me some luck in coding it cause i'm probably gonna need it. :thumbsup: