View Full Version : Fancybox title attribute - want to disable hover only

09-22-2009, 07:53 PM
I installed a pop-up slideshow gallery using FancyBox (http://fancybox.net/example), which lets you add a caption under the pop-up image, using the title tag.

The anchor tag looks like this (extra spaces for the sake of clarity.. I hope):

<div class="show-item-container">

<a href="../images/full-picture.jpg"

title="<div class='show-caption-container'>
<span class='show-text'>Client: Furniture 'R' Us</span>
<span class='show-pipe'>|</span>
<span class='show-text'>Industry: Stuff for your house</span>
<span class='show-pagenumber'>Image 1 of 2</span></div>"

rel="branding" class="show-container open" id="single-image">

<span class="launch"><img src="../images/clear.gif" height="275" width="454" /></span>

<img src="../images/thumbnail.jpg" class="show-img" width="427" height="245" />



Unfortunately, when you hover over the thumbnail, the title tag shows up with all the styled code in it, which looks pretty bad.

Is there a way to disable the title hover, without disabling the actual styling itself?

I found this link (stackoverflow) (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/939270/jquery-title-attribute-text-pop-up-hide) but I'm not even sure if that solution is the one I actually want (and either way, I can't get it to work). I tried another solution using JavaScript and successfully disabled the title hover, but it wiped out the styling along with it.

Agh! This is driving me crazy!

Thanks for any help!!!!

[Edited to add: I tried replacing all mentions of ".title" or "title" in the jquery.fancybox-1.2.1.js file with a different attribute (and then in the HTML), but that did not work either.]