View Full Version : php & java appointment calendar

09-21-2009, 03:21 PM
This was a project that was completed about a year ago, I was happy just to get what had been done. There is an incompatibility issue with one of the functions (custom header image)in the new browsers and many excess files in the folder which are not needed or related to the function of the calendar, so I need this cleaned out. I would like to be able to completely style it with the css if possible, including calendar size,colors, fonts, button layouts and possibly an automated installation script. I am open to suggestions for improvement and will answer further questions as requested. I would like to get this project cleaned up and finished.

Payment Amount: quote after assessment, I will provide a link to look at the calendar and its functionality on request.

will pay via paypal

I am looking for someone who understands what I am trying to communicate, is fair about price, reliable and easily contactable.